Here’s a little something to stomp our hooves about. just named Flying E Ranch a “Best Dude Ranch to Visit in Winter”. We are pleased to be one of their Signature Ranch Award winners for the 2017-2018 season, a competition that received well over 15,000 total votes this year.

Best Winter Dude Ranch AwardOf course, if you’ve been to the Flying E, you already knew this about us. Located as we are in the high Sonoran Desert of central Arizona, we are truly a “winter dude ranch,” with temperatures that are close to perfect for riding and relaxing while much of the rest of the country is shivering. Our season runs from September 15th through the end of July, and encompasses some of the finest riding weather, not to mention quite a few major holidays. Check out our events page if you’d like to join us for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other picture-perfect winter day in the Southwest.

We hope you’ll spend a few days with us at our top winter dude ranch. Imagine how envious your friends and family back in the snow will be when you send them photos of you enjoying a dip in our swimming pool this winter!